Wedding Planning Checklist

6-12 Months Prior to D-Day

Set the day and the date of MARRIAGE (WEDDING DAY)
Determine  the desired WEDDING BUDGET and WEDDING STYLE
Make a list of WEDDING ORGANIZER (WO) if necessary
Make a list of WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER and WEDDING videographer soon
Determine the number of guests who will be invited
Book a place, location, building for the  WEDDING reception
Find WEDDING CAR if necessary
Make a list of important guests, to the ordinary
Determine the bridesmaids
Meet and visit DESIGNER, specify and select WEDDING DRESS
Select and message CATERING for your WEDDING
Decide on honeymoon destination, do reservations and transportation

4-5 Months Prior to D-Day

Complete list of VIPs to ordinary
Contact pastor / priest, specify the time and place of blessing (for Catholics or

Contact Officer KUA and other necessary devices (for religion ISLAM)
Select the message and invitation cards soon
Determine the color and theme of wedding dress that will be worn and flowers
Tell your parents and the prospective parents-in-law to plan the dress they will 
     wear according to the theme and color of wedding dress chosen
Select and buy / rent dresses for the bridesmaids
Choose a suit for the groom and his retinue
Select and specify wedding / party room decoration
Ensure choice and make a deal with WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER and   
Select and order bridal vehicle and official
Select and order the Bride cake
Booking MC and music accompaniment
buy / order WEDDING RING

2-3 Months Prior to D-Day

Take a marriage registration form, and prepare the necessary documents
Perform premarital health check
Confirm honeymoon place and date ( apply a passport if necessary)
Contact the designer for a dress fitting

6-8 Week Before D-Day

Write and set the  invitations delivery
Finish the meal menu with the catering
Order wine for the reception if desired
Prepare gifts for attendants
Visit hairdresser, decide the desired model. Booking WEDDING makeup for

     wedding day
Perform  cosmetic test with a  WEDDING make-up that already deal
Determine wedding musical
, consult with MC and music player

4-5 Week Before D-Day

Send invitation card
Take the wedding ring, make sure the correct initials engraved
Buy traveler checks / foreign currency for honeymoon
2-3 Week Before D-Day

Arrange schedule of wedding events, copy and give eachbride familly,

     attendants, organizers, driver, photo and video officer
Confirm the number of invitations and other desirable things to the building
     management and catering
Confirm all orders and details of flowervehicles rental, photographer,
     videographer , cake, cars, music players and other
Trying wedding dress complete with accessories
Check the size, and other convenience, if there is to be enhanced. Make a habit of
     using the shoes that will be used on the wedding day in order to feel more
Prepare items to be taken to a new home
Do facials and scrub to t
he expert
1 Week Prior to D-Day

Relax, make sure everything will be fine
Pack for honeymoon, complete and buy things needs later
Confirm once again all the orders that have been done, just to reminds